The Relevant Man was conceived as a vehicle to address the day-to-day lifestyle interests of males who are no longer considered to be “young adults.” It is meant to serve as a guide to men who have matured into the prime of their life. This brand defines the distinctions for all aspects of life…promoting ongoing vitality, confidence, and enlightenment.

The Relevant Man is elegantly weathered. Years of accumulated life’s experiences contribute to to this man’s unparalleled ability to discern the subtle, classic, visionary selections that he makes in life, in love, and in his personal style. He is seeking a source that will assist him with this endeavor.

The Relevant Man has been in the workforce for quite a while. He has risen to a leadership position and is respected by his peers and co-workers.

The Relevant Man might not feel comfortable reaching out to peers for lifestyle advice. Many of his co-workers are younger and therefore can’t relate to the subtle distinction required to maintain social relevance in his finely honed persona that he seems to carry with such ease and grace. He makes it look effortless.

The Relevant Man finds himself at a stage in his life where he is no longer the focus when it comes to magazines, advertisements, and media. Lifestyle and fashion are being targeted at a younger audience.

The Relevant Man no longer needs to read articles on getting a first mortgage, or how to build savings early in a career. Chances are that he already knows more about most of the topics being covered than do the young writers who composed them. He needs to learn more about topics that affect his lifestyle, and he isn’t ready to surrender to publications targeting senior citizens.

The Relevant Man wants to present himself as a trendsetter, but he walks a thin line because many of the current fashion trends wouldn’t look appropriate on a “man of his age.” Personal image selections need to retain a sense of maturity without appearing “old and stale.” And, one- on-one personal or professional communication styles that might seem edgy and clever for a young man, would seem contrived, and forced for someone who has matured beyond those tactics.


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